How to Remove Checkered Background Free Online?

An image with a checkered background? They are basically transparent photos saved as JPGs instead of PNGs. And if you want to learn how to remove a checkered background from PNG image quickly, then you just dive into the right article. Check this out!

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Top-tier Apps to Remove Checkered Background from Image

PicWish – 100% Free

PicWish lets you easily remove background automatically, even checkered backgrounds, without having to learn lasso or selection tools. Using AI technology, it will remove the checkered background from PNG files and cut out the subject precisely and neatly. Also, you can change their backgrounds from checkered ones to solid-color ones using this user-friendly web application. Alternatively, you can leave it transparent instead.

Here are the steps on how to remove the checkered background with PicWish:

  • Go to the official website of PicWish Remove Background.
  • Then, upload the image with a checkered background.

  • Wait shortly as the app is processing the photo.

  • Once done, hit Download to save it. Alternatively, you can also save it with another background by hitting the background tab.


On your Windows PC, you can also download its software and process up to 10000 images at once if you have multiple photos with checkered backgrounds.


Vance AI

With Vance AI, you can also remove checkered background from image precisely. The deep learning technology that powers this app makes it possible to remove background, speed up workflow, and increase productivity. The program is capable of processing PNG and JPG files up to 5MB in size. It has two main purposes, namely cutting out humans by detecting faces on a photo, and cutting out objects by separating an animal product and car from a checkered background. However, its free trial only offers limited credit.

How to Remove Checkered Background with Vance AI:

  • On Vance AI official website, navigate to the AI Background Remover tab and click Start Now.
  • Upload the imagery by dragging it on the app’s interface.

    remove checkered vanceai start

  • Hit Start to Process and the app will generate results. is another user-friendly and straightforward app that can be used to remove checkered backgrounds. In just a few clicks, this online app transforms your image from a checkered background to a transparent or colored background. You can also customize the backdrop by using its built-in backgrounds, which are generally beautiful landscape views. Interestingly enough, if you found the image on a website, you can simply paste its link into the app’s uploading box, and the results will show up immediately.

Easy step to remove checkered background from image with

  • Visit homepage.
  • Upload the checkered background PNG and wait for the result.
  • After that, save the output by hitting Download.

    remove checkered removebg removed


Find out how to remove checkered backgrounds from PNG images using Retoucher. With this online tool, you can instantly cut out your subjects from their backgrounds. The picture can be saved as transparent or you can replace the checkered background with a more attractive one and set it as a profile picture. You can also use its built-in camera to instantly process your photo after capturing it.

Starts to remove checkered background from image with these steps:

  • On its interface, upload or capture the image you like.
  • Wait for the result. 
  • Download it if you prefer it transparent or choose from its templates to change your background.

    remove checkered retoucher


Want to learn how to quickly remove checkered background and replace it with a new one? Visit Slazzer and discover how easy it is to use. By using this app, you can save time by removing the background from your image instantly. A complex background such as hair or fur can be eliminated smoothly and clearly with this online app.

Below are the simple steps on remove checkered background from image:

  • Upload image on its homepage. 
  • Wait for the result and decide whether you will be saving it as transparent or change it with a new backdrop.

    remove checkered slazzer

  • Download the result accordingly.


With all the tools we mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about learning how to remove checkered background from PNG anymore. These automatic photo editing websites make it easy for you to work smart, saving you time and increasing your productivity. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!  

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