Helpful Guidelines on How to Make Baby Passport Photo

There are lots of passport photo studios out there, however, most of these studios can’t handle a whining baby that throws tantrums. Don’t worry because you can create a baby passport photo for your child in the convenience of your home. See this helpful guide.

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Be A Pro On How to Make Baby Passport Photo

Passport Baby Picture Requirements

Before doing anything else, you have to know the specifications that you need for the passport photo that your own country demands.

Here are the simple requirements you need to remember and consider while creating your DIY passport photo for your baby.

  • The infant’s nose must be at the center of the picture, with a neutral look.
  • The face must fill from 50 to 70% of the photo.
  • Avoid any shadows on the face as well as on the background.
  • The baby’s passport photo must show the true skin color of the baby.
  • Generally, a clear solid white background is needed.
  • The size must be 2X2 inches
  • The photo must be taken within the last 6 months.

Simple Tips to Photograph your Baby

Place the baby in a comfortable place

Make sure to place your baby in a comfortable area. You can use a high baby chair for the baby to properly sit and have a proper posture of its head and shoulder. While if it is still an infant, you can set a solid sheet on your bed and lay down the baby. Another option is to hold the baby and let the baby passport photo maker do the job of editing the photo.

Lighting must be even

Good natural light or a bright room is needed to successfully have a shadow-free passport photo for your baby. The proper lighting is more important than any other factor to have a great passport photo. Indeed, lighting is essential for it will show the true skin tone of your baby which is needed.

baby passport picture lights

Use a high-quality camera

Using a high-quality camera is not a must, especially if you are just doing a DIY passport photo. You may use your phone camera however, you need to be ready for a thorough photo editing task to achieve the baby passport photo that you need.

passport photo camera tool

Photo is exclusively for the baby

We all know that family or group photos are not acceptable in passport photos. No need to accompany your baby for him/her to behave. Just think of another way to catch the attention of your baby without your presence in the picture.

baby passport exclusive photo


One of the important components of a passport photo is the background. Hence, a white background is generally the required background color that almost all the countries in the world use. If you don’t have a white cloth that you can use to set up your background, you can rely on some baby passport photo maker tools to make your passport photo editing task easier.

baby passport white background

PicWish – Free Web Service Tool to Make Your DIY Passport Picture for Baby.

PicWish online service tool has its own ID photo creator, wherein you can create the passport photo of your child instantly. This online tool is an all-in-all passport photo editor that you can use for FREE. Remove the background automatically with the help of its AI technology. Then, choose the white background and resize your photo with 2×2 which is required for the passport photo.

How to make baby passport photo by just generating these simple steps.

  • Visit the official page of the ID Photo Creator of PicWish on your browser.
  • Click “Start Now” > “Upload Image” to import the baby photo.

    picwish baby passport photo

  • The online tool will automatically remove the background.
  • Then, click “Background” > “Colors” and choose white color.

    picwish baby passport picture

  • Once done, click the “Download” button.

    baby passport picture

  • Next, go to the Image Cropper page of the same tool.
  • Then, upload the photo with white background by clicking “Upload Image”.

    picwish image cropper

  • Once uploaded, go to “Crop” and set the aspect ratio to 2×2.
  • After that, hit the “Apply” button and save it afterward by clicking “Download”.

    picwish image cropper crop


Doing your own passport photo for your child is not an easy task to do. You need the patience to control the situation whenever your baby is squirming. We hope that these simple tips and tricks will be helpful for you in making your own passport photo. Together with this free baby passport photo maker called PicWish, you can have a perfectly beautiful passport picture for your baby without asking for professional help.

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