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After:409 KB
Before:1.7 MB

How to Compress Image in PicWish Photo Editor

  • Upload
    Add images and click the "Upload Image" button
  • Setting
    Select the compression type and output format
  • Compress
    High-quality compressed pictures will be ready with one click

More compressions, less distortion

Do photos lose quality when compressed? PicWish uses a best-in-class AI compression algorithm, maximizes photo compression for less distortion, to achieve the best balance between image quality and file size. Flexible compression options allow you to compress photos in just seconds, no matter you prefer size-first, normal compression, or clear-first.

After:409 KB
Before:1.7 MB

Free, unlimited compression

A completely free image compression tool, perfectly handles various common image formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. Unlimited upload size and the number of images. No download, registration, or payment required. You can reduce image file size with this free tool at any time.

The best compression option at all times

Sharing HD images on Facebook took a long time? When registering online or changing your profile picture, it is always required that the uploaded photos cannot exceed xxx KB? Hard disks or cloud disks often become full? All these problems can be solved by image compression. PicWish has compressed millions of pictures for users for free.

  • No limitations
    An easy-to-use online photo compressor with no limitations, free to use at any time.
  • No installation required
    Easy image compression without registration and download.
  • Safe and reliable
    All pictures will be deleted from the server automatically after 2 hours, your security and privacy are protected.

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