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How to enlarge image in PicWish Photo Editor

  • Upload
    Add images and click the "Upload Image" button.
  • Setting
    Select the enlarged times of the image you want.
  • Enlarge
    The image will be enlarged by the corresponding times in high quality.

One-click AI image upscaler

With some traditional image upscalers, enlarged pictures have a distinct sense of blur. PicWish uses the latest AI deep learning technology, calculates and adjusts the lines, colors, and tones for the enlarged image saving it's look of the pictures. Even small photos are still clear and undistorted after enlargement.

Free image enlarger to work automatically

A completely free image upscaler, enhances the quality of a low-resolution image automatically and quickly. No image size limit, no download or registration required, no skills needed. All you need to do is upload the photos you want to enlarge, PicWish will take care of the rest.


Enlarge image anytime

PicWish image upscaler is available everywhere. In security surveillance/vehicle systems, key images are optimized for enlargement to reconstruct more recognizable surveillance material, or for small photo printing, product handbook, marketing plans, work reports, product images, any time you need to enlarge images without losing quality.


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