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Free to Remove Objects from Photos

Easily remove unwanted objects precisely for free in just a few seconds

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remove unwanted object

How to remove unwanted objects in PicWish

  • Upload
    Add images and click the “upload” button
  • Select
    Select the picture’s area you want removed
  • Remove
    The unwanted objects will be removed automatically in seconds

Remove extra passersby in 3 seconds

With the incredible one-click object removal tool, you will get rid of pedestrians or tourists who suddenly broke in, leaving the perfect expression and posture for taking pictures, creating wonderful moments and beautiful memories that belong only to you. With the help of AI in PicWish, you can easily get clean photos.


Remove clutter from photos such as trash cans, buildings, and power lines

A near-perfect shot, but there's a trash can in the background? If it’s too late to reshoot, select the clutter you want to clean up and PickWish removes unwanted objects easily and naturally, brings the photo into focus, and easily highlights the content you want to express.


Remove watermark, photo timestamp, logos, anything you don't want

With this smart objects removal tool, it's possible to identify unwanted objects accurately. As long as there is anything you want to remove from the pictures, you will get a picture free from unwanted objects in just a few simple steps.


Ready to remove object from photo?

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Interested in our background remover API?

Process images automatically in bulk. Speed up your workflow using PicWish API! With just a few lines of code, you can bring this technology into your application.

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