The Ultimate Guide: Put White Background on Photo (FREE)

Getting new customers and generating sales leads are both marketing strategies that you need to learn about in the online marketplace. During this pandemic, many people have pushed to establish a business to market their products and to cope up with the global crisis. As such, posting high-quality product photos is crucial for potential customers. Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is to make your picture neat. The reason why it is necessary to learn how to put white background on picture.

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Without a doubt, a plain backdrop elicits good feedback from potential buyers that will also boost your sales. Besides, you don’t need to have any photo editing skills at all. Considering there are plenty of ways and background changer services available on the internet. Let’s find out the importance of white background and how to apply it the easy way possible.

Guide on How to Put White Background on Picture

Why Use White Background Photography?

There are two reasons why using a perfectly white background is important. First, it shows fewer distractions by which it focused only on the subject or the main product. Finally, it’s easier for you to upgrade from white background to any color, especially if the trend changes to a more colorful backdrop for photography.

Things you Need to Know on How to Put WHite Background on Picture


Your customers don’t want to see any blurry images. That’s when you need to have a tripod in which it prevents camera shake. So when your purpose is to perfectly put white background on photo, a tripod is a must.

Shooting Table

Tables and chairs are both essential in creating good photography, and they can be seen easily in your home. Meaning, purchasing and spending a lot of money is unnecessary. But with larger products or objects, investing in a stand-mounted sweep and other marketing materials is necessary.

put white background on picture

Photo Editing Site

One of the requirements to put white background on photo is to find a photo editing tool that you can use after the photoshoot. There are tons of free and paid background changers online. Sometimes, you need to focus on the tool where you are comfortable with, inexpensive, and alike.

PicWish – Free Online Photo Editor for Best Results

As mentioned, you’ll need a photo editor that will help you make your background photo white and the most suggested tool is known as PicWish. This platform is absolutely free and easy to use which is perfect for any type of user. Also, it comes with ready-to-use solid color backgrounds, including white, black, blue, pink, orange, and more.

Follow the steps below on how to put white background on picture using PicWish
  • Visit its background remover page and click the “Upload Image” button to upload a photo.

    put white background on picture

  • You’ll see the background will be removed instantly.
  • Next, click the “Edit” > “Change Background” tabs to pick a white color.

    put white background on picture

  • Once satisfied, hit the “Download” button to save it on your device.

    put white background on picture


Having a white background is beneficial to attract new customers, specifically if you are planning to post your products in the marketplace. Make sure to follow the guide on how to put white background on a photo with PicWish. If you have any suggestions, please post it in the comment section below.

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