5 Useful Free Online Watermark Removers

Watermarks are used to protect the content of your photo. Though they were designed to prevent others from owning them, watermarks are not good when we want to highlight the overall view of the photograph. To get rid of the annoying watermarks, use some of these online image watermark removers which include PicWish and other efficient tools that we listed down below.

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5 Free Online Watermark Removers

PicWish – 100% FREE online image watermark remover

PicWish is now a widely-used photo editing tool online which offers FREE service. This web service tool will let you remove any watermark from the photo with the use of its three removal tools which include the brush tool, rectangular tool, and lasso tool. This tool also offers other basic and advanced features that will definitely make your photo amazing. More than that, this tool supports almost all the photo formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and more. You can edit them for free and without any limitation.

Here are the steps using the best online watermark remover online tool -PicWish

  • Visit the official page of this free watermark remover.
  • From its interface, click “Upload Image” to import the photo with watermark.

  • Choose among the removal tools and manually higlight the watermark.

  • Hit the “Erase” button for your photo to be processed.
  • Finally, a window will pop-out showing the “Download” button.


Another great online photo editor that can get rid of the watermark from the image is what they call Lunapic. This amazing online image watermark remover can efficiently remove not only multiple watermarks at a time, but also any unwanted elements from photos without affecting the photo quality.

This is the simple guide to remove the unwanted watermark from your photo with Lunapic.

  • Open your favorite browser and search the web page of Lunapic.
  • Click “Choose File” to upload the photo from your computer library.

    online photo editor lunapic

  • Choose which removal tool you will use and manually highlight it.

    online photo editor lunapic online

  • Once done, hit the “Save” option or directly save your edited photo to different social media sites.

Watermark Remover

One of the best free online watermark removers that you may also try is known as Watermark Remover. Thanks to its AI tech, you can easily erase unwanted watermarks from your image automatically. The only downside of this tool is that it is only made mainly to remove watermarks so there are no other useful features that you can have.

Follow these simple steps for you to instantly remove watermark from your image.

  • Look for the Watermark Remover’s main page.
  • From there, click or drag the image that you need on the import icon.

    online image watermark remover online tool

  • Once your photo uploaded, hit the “Remove Watermark” button.

    online image watermark remover online service

  • The tool will process your photo and automatically download the edited photo.


The best online watermark remover that you may experience using is PhotoFunny. This online watermark remover is very suitable for all the beginners out there. You just need to select the part where is the watermark, and the tool will blurry out the text. In addition, you can erase any type of watermarks and unwanted objects from your photo.

Rely on the steps below to delete the watermark from your photo

  • Search for the official page of PhotoFunny.
  • Get your photo with watermark by clicking “Upload Photo”.

    online image watermark remover photofunny

  • Then, hit the “Select image” button.
  • Click “Next”, select the part of the photo you want to erase.
  • Hit “Finish” once your are done.

    online image watermark remover photofunny online


Online image watermark remover with all-in-one photo editing features offers you almost all the useful and amazing tools on BeFunky. The editor has a lot of touch-up tools that will help you delete the watermark from the photo. From all of those tools, the clone tool is the best in removing any unwanted text or any objects.

Remove watermark from a photo with BeFunky

  • Go to the official page and start by clicking the “Get Started” button.

    online image watermark remover befunky

  • Choose “Edit a Photo” > “Open” > “Computer” to have your photo with watermark.
  • Select the “Touch up” option, look for the “Clone” feature to manually remove the watermark.

    online image watermark remover befunky online

  • Then, save your work by downloading your file.


These are the free online watermark removers that you may try. Deleting the watermark from your photos can be easily done with this amazing list. Among these online tools, PicWish is the most recommended. Besides watermark, you are allowed to remove any unwanted objects from image. But it is still up to you which one you like best. Share with us your chosen online tool in the comment section below.

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