Shapes play a crucial role in any design, whether it’s logos, websites, or profile photos on social media sites. There are several reasons why circles are most commonly used especially in most social media applications, where users are required to crop their image into a circle. To make things clearer, here are the reasons why circles are the perfect shape for web use. In addition, here are some tools that can help you how to crop a picture into a circle without using any software. 

Why and How to Crop an Image into a Circle

4 Reasons to Crop Image to Circle Online

Web developers don’t just use circular shapes on their sites “just because”. In case you don’t know, this shape has benefits for both users and visitors. To continue, the following are some of the reasons why circular photos are ideal shapes.

Removes the Corner Brightness

crop image to sharpness

In a photo, corner brightness refers to how the face is recognized and processed. An image with sharp corners is difficult to process. Therefore, cropping it in a circular manner to remove the corners will lessen its brightness, making it easier to discern faces.

Promotes Center Focus

crop image to length

Are you aware that 100 pixels in a square image appear wider than 100 pixels in a round image? That’s because the sides of a square that lead to the center area are longer than those leading to the center area of a circle. That’s why it’s easier for viewers to focus on a circular image.

Cut Unnecessary Background Area

crop image background

You can maximize the space in the area and give yourself more space by using a circular image. As shown in the sample below, the circle gives you a better focus on your face than squares or rectangles.

Attracts More Viewers

crop image business use

A rounded photo may seem exclusive to human faces, however, rounded photos can also be useful for business logos. There are studies that prove how humans are more attracted to round photos than to ones with edges. Additionally, circular photos are associated with softness and clarity.

Best Apps on How to Crop a Picture into a Circle

After learning the essentials of circular images, it’s about time to round up your rectangular images perfectly. You can quickly learn how to crop a picture into a circle by checking the list below.


It’s no secret that Canva excels at photo design, so cropping images into circles online is a no-brainer with this tool. There are millions of templates you can choose from for your artwork or logos. To crop an image to circle online perfectly, the tool lets you customize its design page beforehand. If you prefer, you can use the Elements feature as well as the other designing tools to be more creative.

Guide on how to crop an image into a circle with Canva:

  • Go to Canva’s homepage and open your canvas.
  • After that, consecutively click Elements and Frames and click on a circular frame.

    circle image canva- frame

  • Upload your image and drag it to the frame. You can move it to see if it’s perfectly fit already.

    circle image canva upload


How to crop a picture into a circle is easy with Watermarkly. With its intuitive interface, this tool is convenient for anyone, even if they have no experience in editing photos. With this web-based tool, you can convert rectangular photos into orbitals without losing quality. After cropping it into a circle, you can convert the format to PNG or WEBP. You also have the option to resize its width and height or not.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to crop image to circle online:

  • Drag or upload your rectangular image to Watermarkly’s main interface.

    circle image watermarkly upload

  • After that, click the “Circle” button at the top-middle part of the interface to initiate the cropping of the image.

    circle image watermarkly circle

  • Move the circular shape to the perfect position and hit “Crop Images”.

    circle image watermarkly crop

  • After that, configure and save the result.

    circle image watermarkly configure


The two apps already give you the best options on how to crop an image into a circle. In contrast, if you wish to turn multiple rectangular images into circles, things can be different. If this is the case, Fotor’s batch editor aids you in cropping images in bulk up to 50 images at a time. This designing tool allows you to create a circular image in a matter of seconds. As well as resizing the circle’s size, you can also maintain its quality by resizing it. And if you are using this for profile photos, you can also utilize it to remove background automatically  and make fancy profile photos anytime.

Here’s the list of steps on how to crop a picture into a circle in bulk:

  • From Fotor’s main page navigate to the Batch Photo Editor tab.

    circle image fotor bulk

  • Then, upload all the images (up to 50) you want to crop in circular.
  • Next, click the Crop button and pick the Circle one.

    circle image fotor set

  • You can adjust the circular image one by one to perfectly crop it and hit Apply once satisfied.

    circle image fotor output


Knowing how to crop a picture into a circle doesn’t have to be complicated. With all the tools tackled above, you can now reshape your images into circles efficiently – no skills and software needed! How is that? Let us hear from you by leaving a comment below!

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