Best Anime Wallpaper Sites for Your PC

Anime started being produced in the mainstream media of Japan during the 1980s. Since then, its popularity grew further and is considered now a global craze. There are lots of Anime fans and geek worldwide. In fact, most of these fans choose to have an Anime wallpaper for their PC, phone, or other gadgets. Thus, we prepare a list for the best Anime wallpaper sites to find. We will also discuss the perfect tool to enhance and resize your Anime wallpaper so it would fit perfectly on your computer.

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Tips for the Leading Wallpaper Anime Sites

8 Best Anime Desktop Wallpaper Websites


One of the leading wallpaper 4K PC Anime sites is Wallhaven. It houses over thousands of Anime wallpapers in its server. Additionally, it has a unique search option wherein you can even upload an image and search for similar pictures of it. Another good thing about the site is that it automatically shows the perfect resolution for your PC. In case you’re not satisfied with the resolution, you can download the wallpaper in preset ratio or customize it.

An extensive Anime wallpaper GIF and image site is Here, the Anime wallpapers are sorted properly according to their categories. These includes scenery, aesthetic, season wallpapers, and more. You can also share the Anime screensaver to different social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, and WhatApp. Furthermore, expect a fast download speed of the wallpaper as it has two options to save it. For faster download process, choose the Original Wallpaper quality and grab it quickly on your PC.

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The next Anime backgrounds download site provided is Wallhere. The great thing about it is you can filter the search results according to your preference. Moreover, you can input the exact screen resolution of your PC monitor so the wallpaper will fit perfectly. You can also choose the preferred primary color of the background art. A unique function of Wallhere is that registered users can edit the wallpaper. However, the download process is quite annoying as you need to go through a captcha before grabbing the photo.

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Unsplash is best known as a free stock image site. Still, it has more than 900 Anime background wallpapers to choose from. An amazing feature of Unsplash is that all images downloaded is saved on full HD quality. Amateur and some professional photographers uploads their Anime backdrops to ensure the quality. Yet, you could not choose the resolution of the wallpaper as you can only download the preset size. Lastly, all downloaded images are 100% safe and virus free.

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Moving on to the list sites that presents cool Anime wallpapers 4K is Minitokyo. This website is perfect if you’re looking for a specific Anime series that you want to download a wallpaper from. It provides thousands of Anime titles so you can surely find your favorite. It includes popular Anime series like One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. Additionally, it lets you preview the Anime screensaver to its full size. This is necessary so you can already expect the quality of the downloaded background.

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Wallpaper Abyss

Next is Wallpaper Abyss. It can easily provide Anime wallpaper 1920×1080 in HD quality. It usually features wallpaper from popular Anime like Pokemon, Dragonball, Tokyo Ghoul, and others. Apart from PC wallpaper resolution, you can also download Anime backgrounds compatible to mobile phones. Furthermore, you can find wallpaper art and GIFs which are more aesthetic than usual ones. Lastly, registered users can join its community to share, like, and put comments to different Anime wallpapers.

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If you’re looking for an intuitive site to download wallpaper Anime, visit WallpaperAccess. From its homepage, you can check all the Anime backdrops. It has a large collection of backgrounds boasting more than 180,000 wallpapers. Additionally, it allows you to share the wallpaper to Facebook and Pinterest. However, the problem with WallpaperAccess is that you need to wait for a few seconds before downloading the image. Still, you can grab the Anime wallpaper within a few seconds.

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Let’s now move on to the last site to save wallpaper 4K Anime. WallpaperCave offers a one-click download process which is unusual compared to other sites presented above. Aside from Anime-themed backdrops, you can search other wallpapers depending to the category you want. Registered users can also upload their own creation and share it to others. If you’re an avid Pokemon fan, WallpaperCave presents several background designs based from various Pokemons.

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PicWish: The Finest Tool to Upscale and Enhance Wallpaper 4K Anime

The wallpaper sites on this post all allows you to download the images in HD quality. However, there are instances that the quality might be compromised, like a slow internet connection. In that case, use your creativity to transform photo into drawing.

Thus, you also use PicWish to enhance the quality of your Anime wallpapers. It uses an advanced AI technology to make blurry picure clear within seconds. Plus, you only need to upload the wallpaper and PicWish will automatically enhance the picture for you.

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Anime really evolves and it now crosses the mainstream. Luckily, you can now view your favorite Anime or characters on your PC. With all of the Anime wallpaper sites available, you can now download and replace your Anime wallpaper as much as you want.

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