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How will you present your product with the right photo background is particularly important on Amazon, this will depend your sales and rank in this e-commerce platform. So, for you to have a good product look, you need to have this background remover for Amazon.

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Helpful Guide to Remove Background for Amazon

Amazon is known to be the most popular online marketplace worldwide. It almost has all the things that you need. And because it is an online shopping site, it is normally to rely on your eyes how will you see the presented item. In that way, you need to invest in high-quality product photography to build credibility for you to have a positive outcome on your business.

Requirements Needed for Amazon Product Photography

Before we introduce to you the best background remover for Amazon, here are some strict requirements that you need to know to have an appealing product photo to attract your potential buyers.

Background Color

Items must be presented only on a plain white background (RGB 255, 255, 255). Other than that, the photo must not contain any additional text, graphics, or any images other than the product itself.

Item/ Product

The product must occupy the 85% of the image frame. It must be the center of your photography.

File Format

TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG are the image formats that you can upload on Amazon. However, JPEG is the recommended file format because it loads quickly.

Image Size

The height and width that the Amazon prefer is at least 1000 image pixel dimension or more.

Color Mode

sRGB or CMYK are the color mode that the site requires.

How to Remove Background for Amazon – PicWish App

The product itself is not enough, so you need to pay more attention on how will you present a product to boost your business in this online site. In that way, you need to invest in high-quality product photography to build credibility for you to have a positive outcome on your business.

See these detailed steps on how you will easily remove background from your Amazon product photos with PicWish app. After that, directly add a new white background for you to follow the right requirements needed on the Amazon site.

Directly choose the white/gray template

Step 1: Download and install the app

The app is available on both Play Store and App Store. Before you start the Amazon product background remove process, download and install the app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Upload the product photo from your phone library

To start, go to the “Product Photos” option and choose the product with the white or gray background on it. A new interface will come out asking you to replace the subject. Tap the gallery icon to upload the product photo that you have on your phone library.

Step 3: Remove background and Resize to comply on Amazon

The result of the automatic background removal process will be shown on the screen. Then, look for the Amazon logo under the options om the Resize section.product photo background

Step 4: Edit product photo product photo

After the background remover for Amazon process, you may add shadow on your product and adjust the brightness and contrast for a better result.

Step 5: Download edited file

Once satisfied with the outcome, hit the download icon that you will see at the upper right corner of the interface.

Bulk Process

Step 1: Load more than one product photo

Choose the “Batch Edit” icon to upload all the photos that you need to remove background in bulk.product photo bulk

Step 2: Change Background and Size

The app will automatically present all your photos in white background. If you want to change to gray, tap the background icon. Then, choose “Resize” to select the aspect ratio of Amazon.product photo picwish batch

Step 3: Save work

Once satisfied with the results, tap the download icon.

Upload Product Photos on the Amazon Site

Step 1: Go directly on the “Inventory” menu on Amazon, In that menu select “Manage Inventory”. There you will have the various types of products.

Step 2: In the search bar, type the product category that you need on the list.

Step 3: Then, click “Manage Image” > “Browse Files” to get the product image  that you just remove background for Amazon.

Step 4: Lastly, click the item that you recently uploaded and click “Upload Images”.

PicWish – The Best Free E-commerce Photo Editor

Preparing your product image is never been easy, from capturing the item and editing it for its overall appearance. Background removal editors are the most important helping tool that you must have. A near to perfection product image is a good marketing strategy to increase your sales.

change background for amazon

With the help of PicWish photo editing app, you can get rid of the unwanted background from your products instantly with the advance AI technology that it has. Then, you may replace it to the white or gray plain background colors that the Amazon site requires. Indeed, with PicWish everything becomes simple yet magical.

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