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PicWish AI Art Generator

Input text prompts, and watch PicWish turn your imagination into captivating artwork.

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E.g.: Sad girl next to lotus in the rain
Girl in red crying on the grave
Lighthouse in the stormy waves
Glowing shark swimming in the sea
Cool lady riding in the desert

AI Creations

Text To Image AI Drawing

You narrate, and let AI handle the drawing part. Simply input a brief description of your desired artwork into PicWish AI art generator, and let it do its magic! You will receive multiple images of AI-generated art for you to pick your favorite. At the same time, PicWish also uses advanced technique, which helps optimize the details of your work.

Text to Image
AI art

Convert Image to Image
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With the Image to Image mode in our AI Art Generator, you can easily transform your photos into renaissance masterpieces and impressionist artwork. Just upload a reference image and we will take care of the rest! No need for drawing skills or advanced graphic design knowledge. Give it a go and unleash your creativity!

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Various AI Styles Available

Do you want to delve into your creative and artistic potential? PicWish AI Image Generator is the ideal tool to start your journey. A variety of styles are available for you to choose from, including 3D, Painting, Digital art, Cyberpunk and more. Whether you're aiming for the surreal, the ultra-realistic, or anything in between, PicWish empowers you to bring your artistic visions to life with unparalleled ease.

Generate Art
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Enhance Your Workflow Using AI

AI-generated art can be a valuable tool in any design process, whether for personal or professional purposes. Say goodbye to the tedious task of creating one piece at a time and discover the ease of art creation with PicWish AI Art Generator. This tool explores more opportunities and possibilities for artists and designers to take their designs to the next level. Try it now!

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How to Write an AI Prompt?

Not sure how to write a prompt that generates good AI artwork? Worried about the AI-generated paintings don't match your imagination? Relax. It's not difficult. All you need to do is provide a detailed description of the scene you want and correctly choose the style you desire, and you'll be able to create satisfying artwork. More descriptive prompts can improve the quality of the outputs. Here are some examples for your reference:

  • Create a description of a Gothic-style castle with an airy view, emphasizing its mysterious nature.
  • A woman doing her laundry in the summer, using the tone of Renaissance craft that has a thin aspect ratio.
  • A picture of a person who dances well and shows emotions through their movements, with fancy lighting.
AI drawing

Frequently asked questions

What is AI art?

AI art is a technology that automatically generates images based on computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms. Users can quickly generate creative artworks just by entering text.

How to use AI to generate better images?

With PicWish AI art generator, you can create a beautiful work by entering imaginative text and matching the appropriate style!

If you want to make your AI art more beautiful, you need to use short sentences to extract the image content you want to create. Then incorporate some modifier words to enhance the diversity of your images.

Tips: Refer to our examples for more inspiration!

Is it free to use PicWish AI Art Generator?

Due to the cost of computing power consumption, generating images is paid. Each generation consumes 6 to 14 credits and we will occasionally give away credits as a bonus.

Can the images created by PicWish AI be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use it for both personal and commercial purposes.

How can I contact your team if I want to use AI art technology for my business?

Please click here or contact us at [email protected] for further business cooperation.

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