How to Decrease Size of JPEG in 5 Various Ways Online

Imagine the amount of time you spend sending an image file over the internet with large file size. So, you need to decrease size of JPEG before sending it on the internet to lessen the transmitted time period. Here are the easy tools for you.

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decrease size of jpeg

Decrease JPG kb Size with 5 Web Service Tools


PicWish is not solely a photo editor, but also an online image compressor tool that you may use for free. Using its clever AI compression algorithm, JPG with a large file size can be compressed without any distortion. With its flexible compression options, PicWish will let you lessen the large size of your photos in just a few seconds. Produce high-quality compressed photos with the complete freedom to choose the compression type and output format.

Decrease size of JPEG with these simple steps.

  • Visit the PicWish online image compressor page on your browser.
  • From its interface, click “Upload Image” to get the photo that you need to compress.

  • Once uploaded, the tool will present the compressed photo. (You may also set the compression type that you need.)
  • Lastly, hit the “Download” button to save your compressed photo.

  • Compress JPEG

    Compress JPEG is also an easy-to-use online tool that will quickly compress your photos. You can do batch processing here, where you can upload up to 20 images. In one go you can decrease JPG size without affecting the original quality of your photos. Besides, the downloading process of this online tool is also in bulk, either separately or get them all grouped.

    Compress photos with Compress JPEG online.

    • Go to the official page of Compress JPEG.
    • Upload the photos that you need by clicking the “Upload Files” button.

      web based photo compressor

    • The online tool will automatically compress your photos.
    • Once done, hit the “Download All” button.

      compress jpeg photo compressor

    Free Convert

    Free Convert tool manages to give you quality compressed images. By compressing your images you can choose a certain file size and quality. Other than letting you decrease JPG kb size, Free Convert also features a chroma sampling and grayscale color space which are useful in having quality images after the compression process.

    See this simple guide to compress your photos with Free Convert.

    • Open your browser, and go to the official page of the FreeConvert tool.
    • Click “Choose Files” or drop the photos in the box.

      free convert compressor online

    • A new interface will come out showing the uploaded files.
    • Hit the “Compress JPEG” button to process the photos.

      free convert web tool

    • Finally, save your compressed photos by clicking the “Download JPG” button.

      free convert compressor


    Decrease size of JPEG with this eCommerce website called Shopify. This online tool is not only for posting your product photos on the site, but it also offers you to compress your photos before uploading them to the website. However, this tool only focuses on product photography.

    Follow the simple steps below to lessen the photo file size.

    • On your browser, search the official web page of SHOPIFY.
    • From there, click “Resize your images” > “Upload Now” to import the images from your desktop.
    • Next, choose the pixels that you need and hit the “Submit” button.

      shopify compress picture

    • Once successfully resized, hit the “Download” button.

      shopify compressor


    Easily decrease JPG size with this another free web service tool called img2go. Decide what quality you need before compressing the photo. Alongside its optional setting, you can change the color and the physical size of your photo before the compression process. Then, you can select the quality you want for your photo, the lower the quality, the better the compression.

    Have this simple guide for you to have JPG with a small size.

    • To start, go to the img2go image compressor page.
    • Click “Choose File” to get the photos on your device.

      img2go compressor

    • Select the image format and compression photo file format.
    • Click “Start” to begin the compression process.

      img2go compress photos


    All in all these 5 web service tools can give you a hand to decrease JPG kb size. All of these online tools use AI algorithms to automatically lessen the file size of your photos. If you want a direct way to compress and at the same time share your products in the same eCommerce platform, Shopify will help you with that. But if you are seeking a free yet that can give you a great result, PicWish is the right tool for you.

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