Step into to the future of mobile photo and video editing! In this post, we will talk about the breakthrough of color grading app. If you notice, poor focus or low-quality lenses can compromise the colors and tone of your images. Luckily, this is available to fix with the help of color grading. So, get ready to take your pictures and videos to the next level effortlessly. We’ve collected the best tools here that make editing a breeze. It’s time to explore a new world of creativity and stunning visuals with the best Color Grading App for your iPhone and Android devices.

Color Grading App

What is Color Grading?

Color grading is a post-production process used in photography to adjust and enhance the colors in an image. It involves editing the colors, contrast, brightness, and saturation to achieve a desired look. It is a creative and technical process that can impact the visual appeal and storytelling of the final product.

Color grading is often performed using specialized software or tools. The apps should provide a range of controls for adjusting the color balance, highlights, shadows, and overall color tones. It is a powerful tool for visual storytelling, allowing creators to fine-tune the aesthetics and overall impact of their content. Additionally, color grading is also applicable in videos.

Filmic Pro

Platform: iOS & Android

Price: Offers free trial; Weekly subscription starts at $1.99

Notable Feature: Boasts a Live Analytic suite that focuses in color grading

filmic pro color grading app

When it comes to a free color grading app, Filmic Pro is one on top. It offers several groundbreaking functions for photo and video editing. It has a dedicated focus selector that can adjust the exposure and focus mode of an image. Furthermore, you can use the camera tool of the app to capture cinematic results without the need for color grading. For pro users, they can enjoy advanced function like high speed frame rates for up to 240 fps. They can also sync the audio frame rate for up to 60 fps.


Platform: iOS devices only

Price: Offers free trial; Monthly subscription starts at $4.99

Notable Feature: AI technology allows depth editing and precise object detection to render 3D visual results.

darkroom color grading app

One of the best color grading app for iPhone is Darkroom. This app provides a robust photo and video editing experience powered by advanced AI algorithms. Plus, it promotes seamless integrations to make your user experience easier. Additionally, it manages color-related issues in photos and videos without compromising quality. Darkroom allows you to isolate elements like the sky, hair, and other objects in Portrait and ProRaw. This also enables the creation of personalized presets. However, customization options access to premium presets are limited to premium plans.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows & macOS

Price: Offers free trial; Monthly premium membership starts at $4.99

Notable Feature: Can enhance photo and video color with easy to use presets and customization tools.

adobe premiere rush

Using Adobe Premiere Rush as a color grading app enhances aesthetic visual of your pictures. This versatile tool is applicable to both photos and videos, offering a seamless experience. Its innovative features lets you fix poorly colored images and correct the brightness. Meanwhile the built-in camera ensures the capture of all your pictures in premium quality. Additionally, it offers other editing tools like trim, HD export, and others. Lastly, it boasts a large collection of overlays, animated graphics, and titles you can choose. Unfortunately, it lacks some notable video editing feature like green screen tool.


Platform: iOS devices only

Price: Offers free trial; Monthly Afterlight PRO starts at $4.99

Notable Feature: Boasts 29+ full edit preset to limit the editing time at minimum.

afterlight interface

Are you seeking for free color grading app Look no further, as Afterlight has you covered. This app allows you to manage the color gradient of your photos on your iPhone. With this, it offers complete control of the color customization of the image. Meanwhile. you can access 130+ photo filters. Also, it offers 20+ advanced tools for adjustments, including touch gestures, selective hue, lightness, grains, and others. Its frames and overlays provides instant file-rate application with preset colors. This feature allows for background replacement and modification. Keep in mind that there are some reports that the app experiences latency for heavy images.


Platform: iOS & Android

Price: Offers free trial; Monthly Afterlight PRO starts at $4.99

Notable Feature: Has a selective filter brush to apply the use of color grading more efficiently

snapseed interface

Snapseed stands out as one of the best color grading app for iPhone. This app lets users to address various photo issues while allowing the preservation of the quality and its subject. Notably, Snapseed supports the editing of both RAW and JPG files, offering users the flexibility they need. Also, it offers an intuitive interface enabling users to control the custom tools easily. Another important feature is it can modify the camera to preserve the quality of pictures. Furthermore, it can adjust exposure and fine-tune images with disoriented colors. Keep in mind that Snapseed is not recommended for beginners as its interface is not as clear as the others.


It is not a secret that most of the color grading apps require a learning curve to master the tools and familiarize with their functions. Fortunately, you can do some basic color grading techniques like adjusting the brightness. We have some back up for you if you want to avoid the tedious app of advanced color grading. With PicWish, it has a photo enhancer the can adjust the brightness according automatically. It is possible due to its advanced AI technology. This is a better alternative if you want a faster and simpler way to do it.


The search for the best color grading app for iPhone and Android in 2024 leads us to explore powerful tools that elevate mobile photo and video editing. From solving color issues to fine-tuning aesthetics, each app offers unique features to enhance your visual content. As you discover these color grading apps, keep in mind the learning curve is needed to master these tools. For those seeking a simpler alternative, PicWish Photo Enhancer offers basic color adjustments automatically. Explore these tools, and step into a world of creativity with the best color grading app for your devices.

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