How to Remove Wrinkle from Face Quick and Easy

Fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots are some of the signs of aging. If having these keeps you from posting your photo on social media, we've got you covered. In this article, you will discover the best face wrinkle remover that can erase wrinkles from the face without leaving a trace!

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5 Wrinkle Remover Photo Editor Tools


PicWish is the first on our list. PicWish has an excellent photo retoucher that helps you remove a part of image online or unwanted elements including skin impurities such blemishes, acne marks, and even wrinkles. In addition, its AI technology repairs damaged pixels so the output appears unedited. Besides being one of the best wrinkle remover apps, PicWish Photo Retouch also lets you remove clutter, date stamps, and anything that annoys you, too. 

Here’s the basic steps on how to remove wrinkle from face with PicWish:

  • Go to the official website of PicWish – Photo Retouch, and upload the photo you want to fix.

  • Then, choose among the eraser tools to highlight the wrinkle on your face.

  • Hit the Erase button and let the tool do the rest.

  • Save your output once satisfied.


Why don’t you try BeFunky to remove wrinkles from your photos? Its Touch Up tools, can instantly enhance the beauty of your portraits and selfies. Plus, its AI, can also naturally reduce fine lines and blemishes. More over, this app whitens teeth, removes red eyes, and smooths skin texture for a perfect virtual glow as well. 

To wrinkle remover photo editor, follow these steps below:

  • Open BeFunky Photo Enhancer’s website.
  • Next, import the image you wish to touch up.

    picwish wrinkle remover upload

  • Then, navigate through the Touch Up tab and select Wrinkles.

    picwish wrinkle remover select

  • Highlight the part where you want to remove wrinkle from face.
  • Download your output if your photo is already perfect.


Are you still wondering which face wrinkle remover to try online? VanceAI is a powerful editing tool that can fix your portrait in a minute, so bookmark it to your browser now. This program is straightforward and easy. Interestingly, its Auto-Face Enhancement feature helps you detect other impurities on your photo automatically. That’s awesome, isn’t it?

Below the list of steps on how to use this wrinkle remover photo editor:

  • Visit VanceAI web page.
  • Hit the Upload Image button to import the portrait.

    vanceai wrinkle remover remover

  • Wait as the app is processing your image.

    vanceai wrinkle remover remover process

  • Once done, export the photo.


If you are looking for a one-touch wrinkle remover, check out iPiccy. This editor can instantly refresh your image and restore its youthfulness. Its easy-to-use interface makes it the best app for beginners to remove wrinkles from face. And for more precise retouching, you can adjust the brush size according to your preference too. A Fade option is also available to give your edited photo a more realistic appearance. It can fix blemishes, remove shine, and correct red eyes, too.

Here’s how to use this best face wrinkle remove:

  • Navigate to its main page and upload your photo.


  • After that, open the Retouch tab and select Wrinkle Remover.


  • Next, highlight the wrinkles on your photo and see instantly the result.
  • Save your image if you think it is already perfect.



In terms of photo editing, Fotor cannot be overlooked. This amazing photo editor can also remove those pesky wrinkles from your portrait so you can confidently post it on social media again. With this app, you can instantly have youthful selfies in just a few clicks. Meanwhile, for a full makeover, do not forget the Blemish Fix, Smoothing, Blush, and Reshape tools.

Here are the easy steps how to use this tool:

  • On Fotor’s main page, kindly upload the portrait you want to retouch.
  • Then, go to the Beauty tab and click on the Wrinkle Remover button.

    fotor wrinkle remover beauty

  • Adjust the size of the brush and the intensity.
  • After that, brush the affected area and see how the app is instantly removing the wrinkles.
  • Download the photo once done.


Now that you already have the list of 5 best face wrinkle remover tools, deleting your selfies with visible wrinkles is simply not an option. It’s just a matter of choosing one of the online apps above. Just don’t forget to make your edited photo as natural as possible.

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