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How to Crop Image in PicWish Photo Editor

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    Upload your JPG or PNG to our image cropper.
  • Crop
    Select freeform, preset ratios, or crop your photo to exact size.
  • Download
    Download the cropped image to your computer.

Crop your photos, your way

Simply use freeform cropping to focus in on a subject. Cut out unwanted elements from your photography in seconds. Our easy, fast and free online image cropper allows you to set the exact size you want.

Crop image, fit layout perfectly

Instantly crop to give your photo a new perspective for better visuals. There are several pre-set ratios to make the composition fit any conditions without losing image quality. No skills needed, get the perfect crop results with ease.

Crop photos for any social media

Now your image posts can be created in bulk. Save time with multi-platform updates! Instantly crop photos for Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform without worrying about measurements. Try it out and share beautiful moments with your family, friends, and followers.

Flexible cropping, perfect composition

Want to excite your followers with stunning visuals? It couldn’t be easier with our image cropper. Crop to showcase the best part of your image. Whether it's a landscape or portrait shot, the right composition elevates even the most basic image.

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