How to Add Background to Photo

Summary: This article provides a comprehensive guide on adding and removing backgrounds from photos using various tools. It covers the importance of background manipulation, introduces four distinct tools, and offers step-by-step instructions for both background removal and addition.

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Ways to Add Background to Photo  for Stunning Visuals

Brief overview of the importance of adding background to photos

To add background to photo is a crucial aspect of photo editing that can significantly enhance the visual appeal and storytelling capacity of an image. The background serves as a backdrop, setting the tone, context, and atmosphere for the subject. By carefully selecting, manipulating, or removing the original background, photographers, and editors can control the narrative and create a more compelling composition.

Introduction to the four tools for removing and adding background

Discovering the perfect tool for effortlessly removing and adding backgrounds to your photos is made easy with these four versatile options. In the world of photo editing and design, these four tools offer distinct features that cater to different needs:

To remove the background:


PicWish is an amazing app that offers an automatic background removal solution for images. It is highly praised by users for its ease of use and intuitive interface. This app is particularly useful for everyone who wants to remove the background of their picture and replace it with a new one. It provides various features, including the ability to remove people, objects, and small imperfections, as well as improve the sharpness and resolution of old images. Users can choose from solid colors, templates, or custom backgrounds. Furthermore, it is also commended for its accuracy, speed, and the availability of free and Pro options. It is considered one of the best tools for removing and adding backgrounds to photos. Start using this tool to add background to picture by visiting its official site or just click the button below to get the desktop app.

  • Launch the app and choose Remove BG.
  • Upload your photo then click Start.
  • Wait for the process to finish then the background is now removed.


Next up is Fotor, an online photo editor offering various features to improve and change images. Users can resize, crop, enhance photo quality, retouch portraits, and more with this tool. A notable feature is the AI Background Remover, which can automatically replace or remove the background, making your image stand out. Fotor also lets you add text to photos using different fonts. The platform provides collage templates and allows you to create visual stories by combining images in a visually appealing manner. Check the steps below to remove the background on your photo.

  • Go to its site and click Edit a photo.
    add background to picture
  • Upload your photo then choose Background Remover.
    add background to picture with fotor
  • Wait for the background removal process.
    add background to picture via fotor
  • The background is now removed.

IV. To add a background:


For adding a background to your photo, PicsArt is a great choice. It’s a popular photo editing app with various tools for changing backgrounds. PicsArt is known as one of the best tools for this task. A standout feature is its Background Remover tool, making it easy to replace the background. This tool uses AI technology for accurate background detection and removal, giving users precise control over their edits. Below are the steps on how to add background to photo using Picsart.

  • Visit the website and select the option to create a new project.
    how to add background to photo
  • Upload your transparent picture.
    how to add background to photo with picsart
  • Go to photos and choose the background you like. Your image is now then ready to be saved.
    how to add background to photo  via picsart


You can also use Canva to add background to photo online. It’s a versatile design tool with many features for different design projects. Canva has a user-friendly interface and lots of templates to choose from. When adding backgrounds to photos, Canva makes it easy. You can design social media posts, presentations, brochures, and more. Customize templates or start from scratch. Additionally, it also has a photo editor for editing and enhancing images. With collaborative features, it’s great for team projects. Furthermore, it stands out with its AI-powered tools and real-time collaboration.

  • Open Canva and click Create a Design.
    add background to photo online
  • Upload your transparent photo as well as your desired background.
    add background to photo online with canva
  • Arrange the image according to your design then hit Download once done.
    add background to photo online via canva

Tips for Choosing the Right Background

Selecting an appropriate background for images is essential to enhance visual appeal and convey the intended message. Whether it’s for personal photos, professional presentations, or marketing materials, here are some considerations for choosing the right background:

  • Purpose and Context
  • Color Harmony
  • Consistency and Branding
  • Texture and Patterns
  • Simplicity
  • Message and Mood
  • Subject Visibility
  • Editing and Post-Processing
  • Resolution and Quality
  • Personal Style


The world of photo editing and design has been significantly enriched by these versatile tools. Each tool, from the intuitive PicWish to the multifunctional Fotor, the feature-rich PicsArt, and the collaborative powerhouse Canva, brings its unique strengths to the table. Whether you seek simplicity, advanced editing capabilities, or collaborative design features, these tools cater to a diverse range of creative needs.

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