Stay on Trend: What is the 2024 Color of the Year

In a world where color plays an important role in shaping trends, it's time to stay on the cutting edge. Let's unveil the much-anticipated question: What is the 2024 Color of the Year? Watch as curtain lifts on the latest hues set to dominate the fashion and design landscape. Join us as we get into the captivating world of color, discover the trends that will define the year ahead. With this, we will find inspiration to infuse your surroundings with the vibrancy of tomorrow's palette.

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2024 Color of the Year

What is Peach Fuzz

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is a soft and gentle peach color that feels warm and comforting. It brings a sense of kindness and tenderness that promotes a message of caring and sharing. This cozy shade represents our desire for togetherness and moments of sanctuary. Positioned between pink and orange, Peach Fuzz inspires a feeling of belonging, offering a space for healing and flourishing. It’s not just a color but an idea that encourages a sense of peace and wellbeing from within. Peach Fuzz is a modern and sophisticated tone with a vintage touch, reflecting the past while embracing a contemporary feel.

How to Use the Color of the Year 2024

For Clothing and Accessories

Peach Fuzz is a comforting peach color that makes you want to touch it. It gives a message of softness and comfort, like the feeling of suede, velvet, quilts, or furry textures. It’s a cozy peach color that makes you feel warm and soothed when you touch it. It promotes the awakening of your senses to a comforting and snug feeling.

For Interior and Aesthetic Design

Bringing in the warm and cozy Peach Fuzz to your home makes it feel inviting. Whether it’s on a painted wall, in your decorations, or as a highlight in a pattern, Peach Fuzz adds a comforting touch to your personal space. This will add a cozy atmosphere to your home.

For Beauty and Make up

Peach Fuzz is a modern peach color that brings a light and subtle touch. It gives a soft, reflective shine to hair and a natural rosy glow that looks good on many different skin tones. This versatile shade isn’t just for hair – it can also make your skin look lively and add a gentle warmth to your eyes, lips, and cheeks, giving you a healthy appearance. When paired with earthy browns, it looks fresh and youthful, and when combined with deep reds and plums, it creates a bold and dramatic look. Thus, offering a variety of options for lipstick, blush, and contouring to suit different styles. Using Peach Fuzz 13-1023 in nail designs gives a romantic, innocent, and sweet feel, expressing a message of tenderness.

Use the 2024 Color of the Year as Background

Now that we all know that the 2024 color of the year is available for various uses. Another way to perfectly use it is for graphic design. With this, you can use it is as your background. With that, PicWish is an excellent tool for this task. Equipped with an advanced AI technology that quickly removes backgrounds from images. You can also pick any color palette, such as Peach Fuzz, to apply. Follow the steps below to find out more.

  • Visit PicWish and access its background remover tool.

  • From here, upload any picture and let the tool remove the background of the photo.
  • After that, click Edit More and select the Color tab.

  • Click the Color Palette and enter the hex code #FFBE98 to generate Peach Fuzz.

  • Finally, hit the Save button to download the picture.


Staying on trend with the 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, offers a journey into a world of modern sophistication. This isn’t just a color; it’s an idea that promotes tenderness, belonging, and a sense of peace. Whether incorporated into clothing, interior design, beauty routines, or graphic design backgrounds, Peach Fuzz provides a comforting touch that resonates with the desire for togetherness and sanctuary. With PicWish, a practical app of that can apply Peach Fuzz as a background. This opens a lot of opportunity on how you want to use the color.

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