How to Take Photos of Clothes to Sell for Ecommerce Sites

Nothing can replace high-quality product photography when it to comes creating a positive impression for your online store. To produce a completely attractive product photo, a white background cloth for photography is needed to effectively promote your items. Check the helpful guide below for better results.

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The key to a successful e-commerce business today is not the description of the item, but the product photo that is being presented. 80% of the customers rely on what they see and the remaining 20% is what they read. So, to successfully advertise your clothing products on different e-Commerce sites choose to have a white background.

How to Take Photos of Clothes to Sell

How will you present your clothing items?

Before you start your photoshoot on your clothing products, there are some things and reminders that you need to know. The materials that you will use don’t need to be expensive.

Prepare the photography equipment

There are at least 3 important requirements that you need to have for your product photography. Camera, lighting, and tripod are the essential materials before you will decide on your photography background cloth. Much better if you have a DSLR camera, but if you still don’t have that, your smartphone can work. You are not obliged to buy an expensive one. Next, you can have natural lighting where you just need to use the sunlight or use an artificial one such as the ring light. Lastly, we have the tripod, this equipment will help lessen the unwanted camera shakes that will help you focus on the product that is being captured.

Get ready for your clothing items

The most important content of your photo will be your clothing item. So before getting a white background cloth for photography, you need to prepare your clothing products. You need to check the small yet important details such as making sure that there are no stains and missing buttons. Also, you need to make sure that you already ironed or steam all your garments before having the photo shoot activity.

product photography clothing

Build your own photography studio

Your DIY product photography will not be possible without your photography studio. Look for a corner in your house where you can make a studio. Then, start setting up all the equipment that you need and learn how to take photos of clothes to sell.

product photography studio

Tips while capturing your clothing items

While photographing your clothing products, you still have to be mindful of some tiny details that may distract your items or the whole image.

product photography captured

  • You need to consider the placement of your camera according to the clothing item that you are shooting. If you are capturing a shirt, you need to focus on the chest area, while if you are shooting pants or skirts, locate your camera at the hip area.
  • The item must occupy the whole 80% of the photography.
  • Don’t use digital zoom for it may worsen the quality.
  • Select a white photography background cloth which requires almost all E-commerce websites.

Edit Your Captured Photo to Increase Sale

Choose the right background for your products with this amazing photo background editor called PicWish. This simple yet professional tool will give you a hand in making your clothing product photography with the right background.

Create Your Product Photo Background

Mobile Solution

One by one process

Step 1: From its interface, go to the “Product Photos” and choose the subject with the white background.
Step 2: Then, tap “Replace” to get the photo that you need, and will be processed automatically.

product photography picwish app

Step 3: Next, the app will present your subject with a white background. You may also resize, add shadow and adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo.

picwish mobile solution

Batch Process

Step 1: To start, select the “Batch Edit” icon and upload all the product photos that you need to edit.
Step 2: Then, wait for the automatic process. The app will show your subject with a white background. (Edit the size of your photos by tapping “Resize”)

picwish mobile bulk solution

Step 3: Once all is done, just hit the download icon on the upper right section of the app.

picwish mobile white bg

Online Solution

Step 1: Go to the PicWish official eCommerce website.

Step 2: Click “Start Now” > “Upload Image” to upload the product photo that you need to edit.white background for products

Step 3: The online tool will process your file automatically giving you a transparent result.

white background photography

Step 4: From there, click “Background” then under “Change Background” go to “Colors” and choose the plain white background.

Step 5: Once done, hit the “Download” button.

background photography white

Desktop Solution

Step 1: Run the program, and directly select the “Remove BG” option.

white background photography software

Step 2: Upload photo/photos by clicking the “Upload Image” or “Upload Folder” button.

batch process picwish software

Step 3: Once uploaded, hit the “Start” button to begin the automatic process.


Step 4: A new interface will come out. Choose the white background that you need. (Resize your photo according to the size that your e-Commerce needs.

Step 5: After that, click the “Save All” button to download your product photos.

picwish save all

PicWish – The Best White Background Photo Editor for E-commerce

If you want to know the effective ways, how to take photos of clothes to sell, you can directly ask for help using this superb photo background editor called PicWish. Without any inconvenience, you can transform your product photo into an eye-catching one with the right background color which is white.

ecommerce photo editor

More than just an automatic photo background remover and changer, PicWish can also beautify your clothing product photo by adding shadow and adjusting saturation and contrast. Also, you can freely set the exact photo requirement size that your product photo needs to be posted on your eCommerce website. Surely, you can’t go wrong with this amazing cross-platform photo editor.

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