How to Make an Image Bigger (2024)

Resizing your photos to a bigger one can usually result in losing their original quality and making it blurry. Typically when you make a picture bigger than its normal size it will become pixelated, wherein it affects the overall view of your work. But with these online tools like PicWish you can quickly produce a better picture with extra size.

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5 Practical Ways on How to Make an Image Bigger

PicWish – Make Image Bigger Online

PicWish is a newly launched online photo editor that can enlarge your images up to 4 times easily, without losing its original quality. This online tool uses the latest AI technology that calculates and adjusts the lines, colors, and tones of your photo to make it undistorted and even larger than its original size. With this awesome tool, you can enlarge your photo without being pixelated. PicWish will surely give you a satisfying result.

Make a picture bigger with this 100% FREE online tool – PicWish

  • Visit the official page of the image enlarger tool on your favorite browser.
  • Click the “Upload Image” button to get the picture from your desktop library.

  • Next, choose the upscale pixel that you need and hit “Apply”.
  • Once done, click the “Download” button.

Increase your image size online with this wonderful online tool called ResizeFile. This tool can support your image output dimension to 3000px X 3000px. Its AI feature tries to maintain the image quality as the same as the original one. Alongside this free service tool, you can make images bigger online in just a minute.

How to enlarge your photo with

  • Open your browser, and look for the official page of the tool.
  • Drag and drop the image that you will use on the interface.

    make a picture bigger resizefile

  • Set the target size that you need for your image and hit the “Enlarge Image”.

    make a picture bigger resizefile online

  • Finally, click the “Download” button.

Image Enlarger

One of the useful online tools that can upscale your pictures is Image Enlarger. You can manually adjust the dimension and the size freely of your image without stressing you out. After that, the tool will show you a preview of your file. Then you can save the enlarged image to PNG or PDF.

How to make an image bigger with the help of Image Enlarger tool.

  • Go to the official website of the Image Enlarger tool.
  • From its interface, click the “Select Image” button and choose your desired photo.

    make a picture bigger image enlarger

  • Adjust the image size that you need and click the “Enlarge Image” afterwards.

    make a picture bigger image enlarger online

  • After that, hit the “Download Image” to save your work.


Quickly change the size of your image online with IMG2GO. You can easily access this online tool for free. By just uploading the photo that you need you can have a large size file. You can adjust the settings of your photo by choosing the photo format, size, and DPI. Make a picture bigger than its size with this good IMG2GO.

See the steps below to upscale your photo

  • Search the official page of IMG2GO.
  • Then, upload the photo that you want to resize.

    make a picture bigger img2go

  • Next, choose the format that you want for the image to be converted.
  • A new interface will come out showing the processed result.

    make a picture bigger img2go online

  • Lastly, save your work by hitting the “Download” button.

AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger will easily increase image size and resolutions without affecting the original quality. You can upscale your photo by 200%, 400%, to 800% without any hassle. With the help of its AI technology, you can make photos bigger can give you a clear result without having a pixelated photo.

  • Open your favorite browser and go to the AI Image Enlarger official page.
  • Then, drop the photo on the interface or click the import icon.
  • Once uploaded, click the “Start” button to process your file.

    make a picture bigger ai image

  • Finally, click the “Download” button to save your photo.

    make a picture bigger ai image online


See these online tools that can enlarge photos in an instant. You can have them all for you can access them freely. For all those online tools PicWish image enlarger is the most recommended one because of its simple interface that everyone can understand. Make an image bigger online with the best one that you can have. Share with us your experience in using them in the comment section below.

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  • Resizing my photos with these amazing tools will make my life easier! Thank you
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