How to Make Photo Background White

A white solid background can make the photo subject stand out. This useful and basic technique in photography is sometimes used in product photography, ID pictures, and other formal photo setups. It can be difficult for someone who doesn’t have a background in photo editing in doing this task. Luckily, we have PicWish and other reliable tools to make photo background white.

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5 Reliable Online Tools to Make Photo Background White Free & Paid

PicWish – Make Photo Background White 100% FREE

Remove background automatically and replace it with a solid white background with PicWish. This FREE online service tool uses advanced AI technology that can handle complex backgrounds in just a few seconds. Besides, PicWish offers you to replace your background with a new one with its ready-to-use templates and solid background colors wherein the white background is included. Furthermore, you can upload your own background with just one click. Save your time and effort with this wonderful online tool.

Make photo background white free with PicWish.

  • Visit the official page of this online image background remover tool.
  • From its interface, click “Upload Image” to import the photo that you need.

  • Wait for the transparent result, then hit the “Edit” button.

  • A new interface will come out, under “Change Background” > “Color” > select the white color.

  • Once done, hit the “Download” button.


Just like any other photo background remover, PhotoScissors can also change your old background into plain white color. Allowing you to remove background automatically and manually with just a few seconds, you can have precise results in an instant. Learn how to make photo background white by just adjusting its color palette.

See these simple steps to achieve a clear white background for your photos.

  • Search the official page of PhotoScissors on your browser.
  • Click “Upload Image” to get the photo from your computer library.

    make photo background white photoscissors

  • Under “Background”, go to the “Mode” section and select “Solid Color”.
  • Adjust the color palette to color white, and it will automatically be applied on your photo.

    make photo background white photoscissors edit

  • Once satisfied, save your work by clicking “Download”.

Another web service tool that you may try is From removing background automatically to replacing the background with a solid color, you can definitely rely on this tool. You will easily know how to make photo background white by just selecting the plain background color that you like that the tool offers. Unleash your creativity with this awesome online tool.

Rely on the guide below to have a satisfying result.

  • Look for the official website of the online tool.
  • Upload the photo that you will use by clicking “Upload Image”.

    make photo background white removebg

  • Go to “Edit” option and choose “Preview”.

    make photo background white remove bg online

  • From there, under “Background” select “Color” and look for the white background.

    make photo background white removebg edit

  • Finally, save your work by hitting the “Download” button.


Experience a new level of background designing using Slazzer. This useful online tool can convert any photos that you have to transparent and will allow you to make photo background white or any other solid background color that you like. With this online tool, you can have the most accurate results.

Here are the steps that you need to learn to have a white background using Slazzer.

  • Open your browser and search for thr Slazzer’s official page.
  • Click “Upload Image”, or drag the picture on the tool’s interface.

    make photo background white slazzer

  • Next, click “Edit” > “Edit Preview” for you to be directed to the editing section.

    make photo background white slazzer edit

  • Under “Background”, go to the “Select Color” and choose your subject with white background.

    make photo background white slazzer white


Make your pictures more dynamic and professional with Picsart. Learn how to make photo background white with this amazing photo editor. This technique is easily done with Picart, with its almost complete features. The automatic process that it offers can clearly do the work without any hassle. You can change your background by choosing among the pre-set colors or adjusting the color palette to the color that you need.

Follow this guide below.

  • Go to the official page of Picsarr on your favorite browser.
  • Click “Upload” to import the photo from your computer gallery.

    make photo background white picsart

  • Remove the old background by choosing between the two options.

    make photo background white picsart edit

  • Then, go to the “Color” option to choose the white background.

    make photo background white picsart edit color

  • After that, hit the download icon.


Determine how to make photo background white with this amazing list of online photo background changer tools. You don’t need to ask for professionals to help you out in this task, just choose the best among these online tools and start changing the photo background to white. Try using the most recommended one which is PicWish. Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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