How to Fix a Blurry iPhone Screen for Sharp Visuals

The iPhone is a great device that presents a HD display. However, it is still not safe from screen issues. Have you encountered a blurry iPhone screen? This is surely frustrating. Fear not, as this article is your guide to restoring crystal-clear visuals on your device. Whether you're plagued by pixelation, fuzziness, or general blurriness, we've got you covered. Let's discover the effective solutions to bring back the sharpness to your iPhone screen.

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iphone wallpaper blurry

iPhone Wallpaper Blurry

Why does iPhone Blurring my Wallpaper?

Luckily, you can align your photo resolution specifications according to your iPhone model. Selecting a wallpaper according to your iPhone’s screen resolution eliminates the need for manual adjustments. To help you in finding the perfect match for your device, we listed the screen resolutions of various iPhone models. By choosing a wallpaper that aligns with these, you can achieve an ideal fit on your screen. Let’s discover these resolutions for a seamless and visually pleasing wallpaper experience.

iPhone modelsScreen Resolution
iPhone 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max2796 x 1290 px
iPhone 15 and 15 Pro2556 x 1179 px
iPhone 14 Pro Max2796 x 1290 px
iPhone 14 Pro2556 x 1179 px
iPhone 14 Plus2778 x 1284 px
iPhone 142532 x 1170 px
iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max2880 x 1320 px
iPhone 132640 x 1200 px
iPhone 12 Pro Max2778 x 1284 px
iPhone 12, 12 Pro2532 x 1170 px
iPhone 12 mini2340 x 1080 px
iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max2688 x 1242 px
iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS2436 x 1125 px
iPhone 11, iPhone XR1792 x 828 px

Best Ways to Fix Blurry iPhone Screen

Avoid Zooming the Wallpaper

Unfortunately, Apple has no direct toggle option to remove the wallpaper blur for iOS 17. To avoid this, refrain from adjusting the zoom levels while setting a wallpaper. Set the image as it is without any zooming. You can follow the resolutions provided above to make sure your picture fits to the specified requirement. This straightforward approach will help eliminate the unwanted blur effect.


In case you have a blurred photo there but you want it to be your wallpaper, we have solution for you. PicWish has a photo enhancer that can fix any blurry pictures within seconds. It uses a pro-level AI technology that sharpens photos in no times. Plus, it can enhance the pixel count up to four times without affecting its quality. With this, expect to have a full high quality experience when it comes to your iPhone wallpapers.

How to Fix a Blurry iPhone Screen using PicWish

  • Launch your browser and access the Photo Enhancer tool of PicWish.
  • Upload the picture and let the tool do all the work.

    upload the picture to picwish

  • Once done, click Download Image to save the picture and make it your iPhone wallpaper.

    fix iphone wallpaper blurry


Achieving a clear iPhone screen is crucial for an optimal visual experience. With this post, we’ve explored ways to address the issue of a blurry screen. By understanding the impact of this update on wallpapers, we’ve provided essential information on why the blurring effect occurs and effective methods to fix it. We’ve also introduced PicWish, a user-friendly tool with advanced AI technology to enhance photo quality and eliminate blur. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to overcoming blurry screen issues. Say goodbye to the frustration of iPhone wallpaper blurry with this post!

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