A great logo acts as the face of your brand – it makes your product memorable. Now, picture a tool that makes creating logos easy and doesn’t cost anything. Sounds exciting? Well in this post, let’s talk about the best AI logo generator. This will explore how these cool tools help businesses and people make awesome logos without spending a dime. Find out how using AI can give your brand a new look without spending too much money.

Best AI Logo Makers

What is a Good Free AI Logo Generator?

Before choosing an AI logo generator, consider your specific needs, design preferences, and the features offered by each tool. Additionally, it’s advisable to check for the most recent reviews and updates to ensure the tool is still current and effective. Selecting the right AI logo generator is important to create a meaningful representation of your brand. Here are some tips to help you choose a good AI logo generator:

Ease of Use: Opt for a platform that is user-friendly and provides an intuitive interface. This ensures that you can navigate the tool easily, even if you don’t have advanced design skills.

Customization Options: Look for a logo generator that allows you to customize the generated designs. The ability to tweak colors, fonts, and layouts ensures that the final logo aligns with your brand identity.

Template Variety: Choose a tool that offers a diverse range of templates. This ensures that you have a starting point that matches the style and industry of your business.

AI Capabilities: Try the AI capabilities of the tool. A good AI logo generator should be able to understand your design preferences and provide relevant suggestions. This can save you time in the creative process.

High-Quality Output: Check the quality of the logos generated by the tool. The output should be professional-looking and suitable for various applications, including digital and print.


One of the most renowned and best AI logo maker out there is Looka. It offers various templates that you can use to different types of businesses. Additionally, it provides a high quality output for the logos it produces. It ensures the logo is appealing and versatile for different applications. Thus, you can upload and put the logo in your website, business cards, and social media accounts.

looka interface

Price: Has free trial; Subscription starts at $96/year


  • Can customize the generated logo
  • User friendly interface


  • Has limited font options


Logopony claims that they are the best AI logo generator out there. Well they can support it with their dynamic creative AI suggestions. It generates unique image and symbols that can be a solid foundation for your logo. Plus, you can customize it if you want to add a personal touch to the logo. Here, you can adjust the color, font style, and icons according to your preference. Furthermore, you can select from its diverse range of templates and design styles.

logopony interface

Price: Subscription starts at $96 one-time payment


  • Provides flexible and cost effective price plans
  • Has several templates to choose from


  • Too reliant on internet connection to function well


Designs.AI is an all-in-one editor that features AI to generate logos, banners, and videos. Their logo generator provides customization controls, offering a variety of styles and templates. Powered by Google Fonts, it allows easy modification of logos, downloadable in various formats. It has a library of more than 10,000 icons that you can use. With its AI technology, it claims to generate thousands of logos within seconds. Finally, you can export the logo in several formats including JPEG, PNG, PDF, and SVG.

designs ai interface

Price: Free to use; Offers subscription which starts at $19/month


  • Also generates business cards
  • Real time editing preview panel


  • Generic design


Hatchful by Shopify boasts a simple interface and AI-driven logo combinations for generating unique outputs. This free AI logo generator provides high-quality PNG files, suitable for web and social media. Also, it offers ready-to-use social media assets for different platforms. It presents a very intuitive user interface which is ideal for beginners. Hatchful is also perfect for startups on a budget. Lastly, simplifies logo creation and social media asset generation, making it suitable for those seeking efficiency in design asset creation.

hatchful interface

Price: Free to use


  • Use Google Fonts to select wide range of font styles
  • AI technology specializes in color combination


  • Lacks of customization tools


Logomaster.AI is a premier AI logo generation platform enabling effortless creation of professional logos within 5 minutes. The user-friendly interface begins with a questionnaire, allowing customization based on industry, business name, slogan, and style preferences. Boasting over 100 design templates, 100+ icons, and 10+ color palettes, it provides several personalization options. The platform’s speed, simplicity, and royalty-free logo usage stand out positively. This is perfect for those who personalizes and enhances logo designs beyond basic icons and text.

logomaster interface

Price: Free to use; Offers subscription based plans that starts at $39 one-time fee


  • Offers several editing tools
  • User-friendly interface that presents drop and drag functions


  • Customization features are only available in a higher subscription plan


LogoAI, one of the best AI logo generator, impresses with a user-friendly interface. It presents notable animated logo options that you can choose for free. Plus, the site provides extensive editing features like icon skewing, rotation, and color customization. With more than 50 available fonts, LogoAI offers various text options. This is possible with the integration of Google Font and it also has some custom fonts available. Furthermore, it includes seven color schemes and a custom color picker.

logo ai interface

Price: Free to use; Offers a one-time payment plan that starts at $29


  • Can also create stationery and other designs
  • Supports multiple formats and animated logos


  • Free trial users can only download the logo in low resolution

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an all-in-one best AI logo maker that simplifies logo design. Aside from that, it also helps users to create business registration, and website development through AI. The user-friendly interface and customization options make it a convenient one-stop-shop for logo creation. Offering more than logo options for customization, users can personalize the output as they want. The platform guarantees unique, AI-powered logos, allowing easy downloads in high-quality formats. Tailor Brands focuses on consistent branding, offering business card designs, branding books, and social media integration.

tailorbrands best ai logo generator

Price: Free to use; Has subscription plans that starts at $2.5/month


  • Offers unique logo design
  • Can integrate the outputs directly to social media accounts


  • Limited editing tools


Harnessing the power of AI logo generators proves to be a game-changer in 2024. These innovative tools offer a spectrum of features, allowing businesses and individuals to craft visually stunning logos effortlessly. Despite the strengths, considerations are essential. So, choosing the right AI logo generator depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize customization, unique designs, or an all-encompassing branding solution, these tools empower you to elevate your brand presence with AI-driven creativity. When it comes to customization, there are tools like PicWish that can redesign the logo. It can remove the background which is a great way to start redesigning it.

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