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Today, capturing the perfect shot often means dealing with unpredictable backgrounds. unwanted distractions, or less-than-ideal settings. Fortunately, with the emergence of technology, there are now effective ways to deal with it. In this article, we will explore AI background replacement and discover the best tool to do it.

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What is an AI Background Maker

An AI Background Maker is a software or tool that uses smart technology to create backgrounds in pictures and videos all by itself. People use it for editing photos, making videos, and designing pictures. It can take away old backgrounds, put in new ones, or make cool artistic backgrounds. This makes your graphic look better without needing to be a pro at editing. Lots of people like using it to make their pictures and videos look great and fancy.

Benefits of an AI Background Replacement Tool

An AI Background Replacement Tool offers several advantages:

Time-Saving: speeds up the process of changing backgrounds in images or videos, saving you hours of manual work.

Professional Look: provides high-quality results, even if you lack advanced editing skills.

Versatility: replace backgrounds with various settings, making it suitable for different creative projects.

Consistency: ensures uniformity in background replacement, making your visual content look professional.

Cost-Efficiency: You won’t need to hire a professional graphic designer, reducing your expenses.

Creativity: experiment with different background styles to achieve unique and eye-catching visuals.

User-Friendly: Many AI tools are designed to be easy to use, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

Improves Visuals: enhances the overall quality and aesthetics of your photos.

How does an AI Work?

how does it work

They work by using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate images. The tool first identifies the subject (person, object, etc.) in the foreground of the image. It does this through a process called object recognition. Users can often make manual adjustments or fine-tune the result. This will depend on the tool’s features and capabilities.

The Best AI Background Maker

Now, let us discover the perfect AI background replacement tool. Check PicWish, a dedicated AI tool that generates background automatically. First, it seamlessly removes the original background of an image and lets you apply a new one according to your preferred scene. Additionally, its AI technology can make perfect backgrounds with natural lighting and shadows. What’s make it unique from other tools is that you can customize the result by using text prompts.

Follow the steps below to generate background using PicWish.

  • Visit the AI Background Generator tool of PicWish.
  • Next, click Upload Image and wait for a few seconds to let the tool remove its background.

    upload the photo to picwish

  • After that, go to Custom and add any preset text prompts to personalize the image. Click Generate to produce the picture with background. We also provide hot scenes and select from them if you want.

    customize the background

  • Finally, hover over the preferred photo and click the Download button to save it.

    download the image with a new background


The advent of AI Background Makers has revolutionized the way we approach image editing and design. PicWish has made it even possible for beginners to effortlessly create stunning background. By harnessing the power of AI we can change backgrounds in images.

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