Schengen Visa Photo Specifications: A Comprehensive Guide  

Going on a journey to explore the enchanting places within the Schengen Area is an exciting prospect. But before you can start packing your bags, you need a Schengen visa. One of the necessary thing you need to know is the Schengen visa photo size. To ensure your application goes smoothly, it's important to understand all the requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we will discover specifications. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer, join us on this journey to Schengen and pave the way for your European adventure.

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Schengen Visa Photo Specifications

Countries to Visit in Schengen Area

As of the writing, the Schengen area consists of 26 lovely European countries that are all must-visit destinations. In fact, some non-EU countries are also part of the area like Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland. Just keep in mind that this composition can change so you need to check on this list regularly.

AustriaBelgiumCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFrance

Schengen Photo Requirements

Now, let us check all the specific requirements to consider to get a perfect Schengen visa photo. Make sure to check all boxes to ensure your application would not be rejected.

Size: The photo should be 35mm in width and 45mm in height (35mm x 45mm), which is the standard passport photo size.

Composition: The photo should be in color and of high quality, with no ink marks or creases. It must have a clear focus and even lighting.

Background: Plain background is must. It should be among light gray, light blue, or white, with no patterns or objects.

Head Position: Your face should occupy 70-80% of the photo’s height from chin to crown. The eyes should be at the same level and clearly visible.

Expression: Maintain a neutral expression with a closed mouth. Keep your eyes open and visible.

Headgear: Headgear is allowed for religious or medical reasons, provided it does not obscure the face and does not create shadows. But if your reason does not fall between the two, you have to remove your headgear.

Eyeglasses: If you wear eyeglasses, they should be clear with no tinted or colored lenses, and the frames should not cover your eyes. Reflections from the glasses should be minimal.

Attire: Wear clothing that you would normally wear on a daily basis, without uniforms or clothing that might give the impression of another identity.

Print Quality: The photo should be clear, with a high resolution, and not pixelated.

Placement: Your face should be the center of the image and the size from the photo should be between 32mm and 36mm from chin to crown.

How much is a Schengen Visa Photo?

how much is a schengen visa photo

Expect that you will spend at least €80.00 to get a Schengen Visa. For the photo, most studios will charge you £14.99 to produce the copies needed for your application. Although it might sound expensive, this will ensure that your picture requirements were all set. But if you read this article, you will all know the necessary standard and can save you money. Luckily, we will present a free tool that can create ID pictures for free.

Best Way to Get a Schengen Visa Photo

Now, let us all learn how to do a DIY Schengen visa photo. With PicWish, it has an all-in-one solution that can create ID pictures for free. Here, it automatically removes the background of your photo and replace it with acceptable backdrops, like white. Then, you can resize it as you want and can customize the resolution to 35mm x 45mm which is the required size for the Schengen Visa Photo. The best thing about it is that you can use PicWish for free. So, if you don’t want to pay a visit to a photo studio, let us all create a visa photo in the comfort of your home.

  • To start, run your browser and visit the ID Photo Generator of PicWish and click Start Now.

    id photo maker interface

  • From here, go to size and choose Common 3 to set it to 35mm x 45mm. Pick the color white for the background and upload the image afterward.

    upload the photo

  • Wait for a few moments and let it generate the image. Once done, download it to save the photo.

    download the schengen visa photo


Getting a Schengen visa is crucial. You need to know the rules for the visa photo. This guide helps you understand the important requirements, so your application goes smoothly. Just make sure your photo is the right size, looks good, and has the right background. This way, you won’t have trouble with your application. To save money, we have a cheap option for your visa photo: PicWish ID Photo Generator. This easy tool helps you make a photo that fits perfectly for your Schengen visa photo size. Follow the simple steps in this guide to get your photo right.

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