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Free Online AI Face Swap

Explore diverse styles of yourself by simply uploading a photo of your face. Experience natural and lifelike face swapping effects.

How to Swap Face Online?

Upload Face Photo

Click "Upload" icon to upload your selfie. For optimal results, use an HD photo taken from the front.

Select a Template

Choose from diverse preset templates based on your preferences.

AI Face Swap

Click "Swap Face Now" and wait for seconds, then you can get and download the refaced photo.

Swap Any Face Into Any Photo

With PicWish face swapping technology, you can instantly create an AI face to let your imagination run wild. Become a classic character, swap your face into a 90's yearbook photo, try various ethnic outfits...Get any new look you want!

Back to 90s via Free AI Face Swap

Are you ready to get back to your high school days and take your yearbook photos to the next level? Choose one from PicWish's stunning 90's yearbook library, smoothly swap faces, and experiment with virtual hairstyles. Join the vintage trend now!

Create Professional AI Headshots

PicWish AI makes it easy to generate AI headshots for any occasion. Whether you require corporate headshots, resume headshots, or any profile headshots for formal or casual use, our face swap online tool has you covered. A studio-quality headshot will capture your leads’ attention and fit your brand.

AI Photos of Different Ethnic Styles

Have you dreamed of dressing up as another ethnicity? Use our face swapper to explore different cultures and discover your perfect fit while enjoying endless fun! You can effortlessly put your face on other ethical faces to try new makeup, hairstyles, or dresses.

Be Whoever You Want to Be

Want to relive classic movie scenes? Swap your face and act as a movie character on posters. Immerse yourself in the realm of film masterpieces.

Trending Face Swap Presets

Our free face swap supports everyone to unleash creativity for all cases. Begin your face swapping journey by selecting from a desired template.

FAQs About AI Face Swap

What is Face Swap?

Face Swap is an AI image processing technology that blends the facial traits of two people. PicWish AI will analyze the source image, recognize facial features, and replace them with another face while maintaining natural lighting, angles, and expressions, resulting in AI-generated, realistic face swaps.

How to get the best face swapping result?

First, please upload a face photo with clear facial features. Second, ensure that there is only one face in the photo. Currently, we don't support swapping multiple faces at once. Finally, make sure the photo is taken in front of view, not covered by things like hands or other objects. Furthermore, the image should be at least 256px. Higher resolution may lead to better results.

Is it easy to get started with PicWish AI Face Swap?

Yes, it is easy to use. You don't need any technical skills. Simply upload one photo of your face and select a preset template. All processing is AI-powered and automated.

Can I swap face online for free?

Yes, PicWish offers 10 free credits when you switch faces for the first time. You can earn credits to complete more face swaps without paying. PicWish also provides purchasing plans to meet a large demand.

Is it safe to use AI face swap online?

Yes, you are safe and secure with us. We only use your data for face swapping. Your source file will be deleted in 30 mins.

Can I integrate your AI face swap into my workflow?

Yes, please contact us for any business cooperation.

PicWish AI Face Swap

Use our AI face swap online tool to replace any face to photo in seconds!