Product update

May 2024

PicWish started the new year with a bang! We are improving our new feature: AI Background Generator. This will kickstart the continued development of PicWish and its functions!

1. Big improvements on the result quality

Now, you can get more realistic backgrounds when you generate it using PicWish. It also enhances its quality especially for Pure Color and Cozy Home scenes. It will blend more perfectly to your product photos as shown in the sample. Additionally, it offers other performance enhancements.

2. Improvements on Customize Prompts

Aside from the results, PicWish now has more prompts to improve customization of the background. It added more recommended prompts for placement, background, quality, and details.

3. Released the new “Create a background” feature

Now, you can customize your own background to fill in to your image. What’s more is that this feature is also assisted by AI. Here, it will automatically enhance the keywords to make a great background to complement your picture. Also, it has 2 modes to choose from:

Custom with AI

enter keywords

Here, you can enter any keywords you can think of to create a background. After that, the “Enhance prompts” function will optimize the keywords you entered.


choose prompts

While the Assisted function lets you choose from the preset keywords presented. Here, you only need to pick certain keywords and PicWish will organize it for you.

We trust that the latest enhancements will enhance and streamline your experience with PicWish. Should you have any feedback, requests, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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