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Restore Old Photos with AI

With this old photo restoration tool, restore and enlarge photos online, turning old pictures to color for free.

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repair photos
repair photos

Repair Your Damaged Photos Effortlessly

PicWish is an AI-based old photo restoration tool that can add realistic colors to your black and white photographs. With a simple click, you can obtain a high-resolution photo within seconds.

Enhance the Details of Individuals

PicWish has an advanced face enhancement function that automatically unblurs faces and restores facial details in old photos. The old photo restoration tool will edit all details for you—bring your photos back to life effortlessly!

restore old photos

Upscale Images Up to 2x or 4x

Want to get higher resolution pictures and enlarge old photos for printing or presentation? PicWish old photo restoration supports enlarging photos to 2x or 4x while fixing noise and ghosting easily!

From Black & White to Color

Colorizing images is never a tough task now with PicWish online tool. You can add natural and realistic colors to old photos easily. All it takes is a few clicks!


Restore Images with AI Like Never Before

Different from traditional tools, PicWish will automatically analyze your photos, remove blurriness from old photos, reduce noise, and enhance details and colors, making your old photos more natural!

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Interested in our photo enhancer API?

Process images automatically in bulk. Speed up your workflow using PicWish API! With just a few lines of code, you can bring this technology into your application.

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