Detailed Guide on How to Use PicWish on PC

1. Introduction

PicWish is an efficient image processing app with advanced AI technology, including background removal, photo retouching and enhancing, ID photo, compression, watermark and other functions, supporting batch processing of a large number of images.

2. Download and Install

2.1. Microsoft store

    • Go to Microsoft store and search for picwish
    • Click the button to install.install picwish
    • Or you can install the app by clicking the button below.


2.2. From official website

  • Go to PicWish Download Center and click the download button for Windows PC.
  • After successful download, just follow the steps to install.

3. Sign up/Log in

  • Open PicWish app on your PC and click the login button in the upper right corner.sign in your account
  • You can log in to your account using email or other platforms.log in on different platform

4. Features

4.1. Remove Background

The background removal function automatically identifies a person through intelligent AI technology. It uses sophisticated technology to remove the background in one click, and the hair can be well separated. The steps are as follows:

  • Choose Remove BG from Toolkit.remove background
  • There are two modes. The preview mode supports batch processing of 100 images at the same time and allows you to preview the effect, while the number of images in list mode is unlimited and it increases the speed by 2 to 5 times. However, the list mode does not support previewing the effect. You can choose the corresponding mode according to your needs.choose from options
  • Then you can click the Start button or drag the images you want.choose start
  • Choose the method to remove background according to the type of image, including Portrait, Products, and Graphics. Note: Right click to move the from options
  • If you are unsatisfied with the auto-removal effect, you can manually remove the background to edit the details with more choice and freedom.remove manually
  • You can also choose the Lasso tool, which handles edges better and supports undoing modifications at any time during the process.lasso feature
  • Click on the right side to adjust the size of the image and change the background after completion. You can choose a color background or upload an image to set a custom background.choose from bacground
  • If you need to change the output folder, format, DPI, and save transparent and white background images, you can tap on the Settings at the bottom right corner.go to settings
  • Click the Save All button to save the processed image to your image

4.2. Remove Objects

PicWish allows you to remove logos, stains, bypassers, and batch delete text from images with just one click. There’s no need to learn complicated techniques to achieve satisfying results. The steps are as follows:

  • Click Remove Objects and upload the images you want to process. You can process up to 100 images at the same time.upload image
  • Depending on the size of the area, you can choose from three tools: Marquee, Lasso, and Brush.choose from three tools
  • Click the comparison icon below to view the comparison before and after comparison
  • You can change the folder in the settings, and then click Save All to get the processed save

4.3. ID Photo

The ID photo function allows you to switch the background color and size of your photos as you wish:

  • Click ID Photo from Toolkit. You can process up to 100 images at the same id from toolkit
  • After the image is uploaded, PicWish will automatically remove the background for you. You can choose the background color.upload photo
  • There are outfit changing and beautification functions in the advanced function. You can also change different clothes according to your need.advance function
  • Multiple sizes are available.multiple sizes
  • Click Settings to change the output folder and format.go to settings
  • Click Save All to save the ID all

4.4. Blur to Clear

The function includes Portrait enhancement and photo enhancement. The portrait enhancement automatically identifies blurred faces and fixes facial details in high definition through AI technology. The photo enhancement, on the other hand, integrates a variety of optimization methods to unblur the picture quality of objects, icons, animations and other pictures with one click. There are two enhancement functions: Preview Mode and List Mode, the steps are the same.

  • Click Unblur Faces or Blur to Clear from Toolkit and upload your image.choose blur to clear
  • You can adjust the image size on the right.adjust image
  • Click the button below to view the contrast images.preview contrast images
  • You can also change the output folder on the right. Click Save All to save the image

4.5. Colorize Photos

Turn your old photos to color naturally, bringing them a new look for free.

  • Click Colorize Photos from Toolkit. You can process up to 100 images at the same time.choose colorize
  • It will be automatically colorized. You can also change the size.change size
  • Click the button below to view the contrast images.see contrast images
  • You can also change the output folder and format on the right. Click Save All to save the image

4.6. Compress

The compression function of PicWish can compress images to the maximum extent without loss. JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and other formats are supported.

  • Click Compress from Toolkit. You can process up to 100 images at the same time.Compress from Toolkit
  • Click Start to compress.start to compress
  • Here you can adjust the compression level (the stronger, the smaller the image), the resolution (the smaller the resolution, the smaller the image).adjust the compression level
  • You can also compress the value to a specified range.compress the value
  • Then you can click Start to compress and preview the effect.compress and preview the effect
  • Click this button to make a contrast with the original image.check contrast images
  • You can also change the output folder and format in the lower right corner.change the output folder

4.7. Add Watermark

The method of adding the watermark to the image is as follows:

  • Click Add watemark from Toolkit. You can process up to 100 images at the same time.Add watemark from Toolkit
  • After uploading the image, select the text/image watermark you need to add on the right side, after adding it, you can manually adjust the opacity, rotation angle, text, and also change the font size and color. If you choose an image watermark, you can customize the transparency, rotation angle, and the text/image watermark
  • Click Save All to save the images on the image

4.8. Bulk Resize

PicWish enables you to batch resize photos and also offers a variety of standard sizes with the option to lock the aspect ratio.

  • Click Bulk Resize from Toolkit. You can process up to 100 images at the same batch resize
  • You can enter a custom image size or select another size on the right.enter a custom image size
  • You can adjust the layout of the picture.adjust the layout of the picture
  • Click Save All to save image

4.9. Bulk Crop

You can customize the image height and width, and freely set the cropping area.

  • Click Bulk crop from Toolkit. You can process up to 100 images at the same time.Bulk crop from Toolkit
  • Various ratios are available: 1:1,4:3,3:4,16:9,9:16.Various ratios are available
  • Click Save All to save your image

4.10. Screenshot OCR

One-click screenshot, conveniently capture any area on the screen, and quickly and accurately extract the text in the picture.

  • Click Screenshot OCR from Toolkit and set the language and output folder.ocr screenshot
  • Click the screenshot button or use the shortcut key, and drag the box to select the area you need.Click the screenshot button
  • Click OCR. It can scan the text and converts it into editable text.Click OCR
  • You can start editing and click “√” to paste to clipboard or click the download button to save the check

4.11. Image Converter

With PicWish, you can easily convert your Webp, PNG, JPEG, HEIC photos into JPG files.

  • Click Image Converter from Toolkit. There is no limit on the number of imported files, but preview is not supported.Image Converter from Toolkit
  • Go to Settings to set the output folder.Go to Settings
  • Select the format from JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, WEBP and then Save All.elect the format

5. Contact Us

5.1. FAQ

Here are the frequently asked questions of PicWish.

5.2. Feedback

  • Open PicWish on PC and click Support > Feedback in the upper right Support > Feedback
  • Any questions are appreciated.

5.3. Live chat

  • You can also reach out to us from the live chat
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