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Task 1
A piece of cake
15 DaysUpvote or review PicWish on Producthunt.Upvote or review, or both (1 month for both)
Task 2

1 MonthRate PicWish with 5-star on Google Play or Apple Store.The word “background remover” should be mentioned in the review. No Copy.
Task 3

3 MonthsRate PicWish with 5-star on Google Play or Apple Store.Share your real PicWish experience, 150 words at least for the review. No Copy.
Task 4

2 MonthsRate PicWish with 5-star on words at least for the review. No Copy.
Task 5

3 Months Rate PicWish with 5-star on Microsoft Store.Share your real PicWish experience, 100 words at least for the review. No Copy.
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Terms and Conditions

  • You must fill in the application form and provide the necessary information to get free membership.
  • You will get the membership of the mobile APP (Android/iOS version) by default unless you specify that you want the PC version (Windows/Mac) in the Google form.


Membership of the mobile version can only be used for a limited time, and the number of pictures to be processed will not be limited.
The Membership of the PC version will be the number of pictures for a lifetime, and there is no time limit to use.
A 15-day mobile membership is equivalent to 50-lifetime images on PC. You can choose a mode to redeem according to your needs.

For Example:
After completing task 2, you can choose 1 month of APP membership or 100 images membership on the PC version.

  • All the membership lengths above are the extra time beyond the free trial built-in.
  • Please provide us with a valid email address to ensure we can contact you, the same username with your rate or review will be better.
  • We will not consider incorrect or broken links.
  • We have the right to refuse to provide free membership for reviewers who leave negative information.
  • We will review your message once we have received it, we reserve the right to cancel your membership if you delete comments later.
  • A task can only be done once per person, but one person can complete different tasks at the same time.

Still in doubt or unable to send messages successfully? Feel free to contact [email protected].

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What is UID and how to get it?

UID is the user ID obtained after you register with PicWish, which is used to identify you as a user. Here is how to get my UID