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Removal API

Bring automatic background removal feature into your applications, websites, software or company. workflows in a few lines of code.
Easy to integrate. Economical Price

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API Documentation

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Sono supportati PNG, JPG, JPEG e BMP e la risoluzione dell'immagine caricata deve essere inferiore a 4096 x 4096, mentre le dimensioni del file non devono suprerare i 10 MB. Si tratta solo di indicazioni generiche e i requisiti specifici sono soggetti alla Documentazione API.

Interfacce API

AI helps to recognize images of portraits, products, cars, animals, logos, trademarks,etc. Identify image elements accurately, even fine hair can be handled perfectly.

  • Universal
    Complex backgrounds handled well
  • Portraits
    High-precision hair recognition
  • Products
    Clear hollow cutout
  • Graphics
    Smooth edges stand out

Perché PicWish?

  • Advanced Algorithm
    PicWish API is powered by deep learning models trained on billions of real-world images. Our algorithm is at the top of the rankings.
  • Stable Service
    Our server runs for more than 98% and is highly scalable and redundant. It can handle thousands of images well at once.
  • Technical Support
    We provide API documentation for integration. One-on-one guidance from our professional team is always available if needed
  • Data Protection
    Data privacy and security are our top priorities. All the data you upload and results will be deleted after the API request ends.
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One-on-one customer service


  • API online
    Usa i codici sorgente e regola i parametri per iniziare rapidamente.
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  • Distribuzione privata
    Distribuisci su un server locale o un server cloud dedicato (GPU richiesta). Adatti per organizzazioni con esigenze speciali per la sicurezza dei dati.
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Servizio di esperti

Se hai domande sull'API di PicWish, non esitare a contattare il servizio clienti dedicato e individuale.

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