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API per la colorazione delle foto

Integra l'API di colorazione delle foto in bianco e nero nei tuoi siti Web, applicazioni o software, riportando in vita le vecchie foto.

colorizer colorizer colorizer colorizer colorizer colorizer colorizer

Demo - Colora foto

Bisogno di piu?

  • Miglioratore di foto
    Migliora le foto colorate in bianco e nero, integra i dettagli con la tecnologia AI e rendi l'immagine più naturale e chiara.
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  • Rimuovere gli oggetti indesiderati
    Rimuovi alcuni oggetti indesiderati nell'immagine, come filigrane, loghi, ritratti ridondanti, macchie, ecc., L'IA si riempie automaticamente consentendoti di ottenere un'immagine pulita.
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Funzionalità più interessanti

Perché PicWish?

  • Algoritmo avanzato
    L'API PicWish è alimentata da modelli di deep learning addestrati su miliardi di immagini del mondo reale. Il nostro algoritmo è in cima alla classifica.
  • Stable Service
    Our server runs for more than 98% and is highly scalable and redundant. It can handle thousands of images well at once.
  • Technical Support
    We provide API documentation for integration. One-on-one guidance from our professional team is always available if needed
  • Data Protection
    Data privacy and security are our top priorities. All the data you upload and results will be deleted after the API request ends.
Contact Expert

One-on-one customer service

Più di 100,000 utenti in tutto il mondo utilizzano PicWish

Commercianti di e-commerce, influencer, sviluppatori e agenzie educative utilizzano PicWish per aumentare la loro produttività.

Now imagine I have to make thousands of unique t-shirts for the whole grade school, high school, and college. I have a ton of pictures to process and now the PicWish API turns a lot of manual work into automatic.
Randall Lake
T-shirt merchants
We started the rebrand early this year and left a large inventory of parts to shoot to archive, and PicWish API helped us process nearly 20,000 images, speeding up our rebranding process.
Auto parts supplier
Too often, I've been provided with low-resolution headshots or photos that need to be used in professional online and print materials, and it's always been a headache to try and coordinate with others to get providing of updated headshots or photos. PicWish API enhances the existing photos and fulfills my need. It's incredibly exciting.
Government Administration
I just farm the photo background removal work to someone on Upwork before as I do not want to spend too much time on that task, and PicWish does all the work for me now.
Jill Ransom
Marketing consultant
GIMP and Photoshop are OK if you only have to do one or two photos per day, but doing 500 photos this way is not easy. PicWish software handles this well.
Etsy Merchant
I have been playing around with PicWish, and it works really well and really fast. The power of AI, no doubt.
Joe Catizone
Poshmark owner
This AI tools can do a much better job in seconds and you only have to make minor adjustments when necessary.
Agency in Media Production
Background removal can sometimes be very challenging. I did a side-by-side comparison of Photoshop and PicWish, and I've got to say, the PicWish was better!
Graphic Designer
Usually, I enlarge photos for business purposes. Sometimes clients do not give the best pictures that you need to work with and PicWish really helps a lot. It helps enlarge my client's social media posts for higher quality and increase trust.
Sales Professional
I've tried several tools to remove unwanted objects from the image, but every time I try the edges are not clear, the eliminated object seems blurry and the photo does not look real at all. PicWish takes these problems away because it's the best of the few tools I've used.
Frank Cich
I have a ton of photos for our new website that require background removal and trimming, and We often need to make website graphics on laptops that don't have photo editing software and that's PicWish comes in.
Jay Cristobel
Business Owner
It's a common problem that photos are cut out too aggressively, but the results of PicWish are fantastic. PicWish is easily accessible through a web browser which is sometimes easier than opening up a huge program. It allows me to be more productive by quickly getting my background removal task done.
Sarah P
User in Retail
Since PicWish provides a web version that makes it a ready-to-go product, so we can enlarge or compress the image and share it with the other resources for work purposes anywhere and anytime.
Technical Associate
※Gli utenti e i collaboratori visualizzati sono solo di riferimento.


  • API in linea
    Usa gli esempi di codice e regola tutti i parametri per iniziare rapidamente.
    Ottieni la chiave gratuita

    Iscriviti per ottenere la tua API Key e 50 crediti GRATIS.

  • Distribuzione privata
    Distribuire su un server locale o un server cloud dedicato (GPU richiesta). Adatto per organizzazioni che hanno requisiti speciali per la sicurezza dei dati.
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