Q:How long is the URL of the result image valid?

A:The URL of the result image is valid for 1 hour. Please download the image file promptly.

Q:How long is the response time for 1 task?

A:Generally within 1~2s, depending on your image size. The response time for 1 file will not exceed 30s, once exceeded, it will return a “timeout” error automatically.

Q:What is the concurrency (QPS) of the task?

A:The default QPS is 2, which means 2 files can be requested per second. If you need to increase the QPS for business expansion, please contact support to increase the QPS limit.

Q:What should I do if the task is failed?

A:Please check the HTTP response status code and the status definitions first to confirm if the problem is caused by the bad net connection or image format. If not, please contact us with the error message and task_id.

Q:When does the asynchronous polling task terminate?

A:When the task succeeds (state == 1) or fails (state < 0), terminate polling.

Q:What should I do if the download of the result image via URL fails or AccessDenied (as shown below) appears?

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
‹Message›You have no right to access this object because of bucket acl.</Message›

A:Many tools and libraries will convert ”&” to “u0026” automatically. This leads you to get a 403 HTTP error. In this case, you need to manually change “\u0026” to ”&” in the URL.

Q:What should I do if the download of the result image via URL fails or a 403forbidden error message appears?

A:The problem is generally caused by the expiration of the signature (valid for one hour). So you should download the URL of the result image promptly. If it still does not work, please contact us with your URL and error message.