PicWish API

Auto and fast - Get 500 transparent images in just one minute

AI helps to recognize images of portraits, products, cars, animals, logos, trademarks, etc.

Identify image elements accurately, even fine hair can be handled perfectly

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PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP are supported, the resolution of the uploaded image should be less than 4096 x 4096, the file size should not exceed 10M. This is for reference only and the specific requirements are subject to the API Documentation.

API Interfaces

  • Universal
    Automatically identify and classify the image type
  • Portraits
    Good at portrait recognition
  • Products
    Good at products recognition
  • Stamps
    Good at stamps and text recognition

Why PicWish?

  • Excellence
    Awesome product quality by a strong R&D team, the choice of many well-known brands.
  • Safe
    The data transmission is encrypted and comply with GDPR. Private deployment is supported.
  • Easy
    Standardized API documents, easy to integrate.
  • Multi-platform
    Available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Let's Start

  • Online API
    Use the code samples and adjust any parameters to get started quickly.Free Key
  • Private Deployment
    Deploy to a local server or a dedicated cloud server (GPU required). Suitable for organizations that have special requirements for data security.Contact us

Expert Service

If you have any questions about PicWish API, feel free to contact the one-on-one customer service.

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